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Our main service is on Sunday which starts at 10:00 in the morning at the address 925 Mckercher Drive. This is not our own building (it is the Light Of The Prairies), but we are praying for a great building that meets all our churches needs. About half-way through the service (which is after singing, prayer, testimonies, and communion (this happens about once a month), Sunday School officially begins. There is a seperate room right off of the Sanctuary where Sunday School takes place. Parents/Gaurdians are also allowed to be in that room. Although this is available, parents/gaurdians do not have to leave/keep their children in there, it is optional. On Wednesdays, from seven until eight in the evening, we have a Bible Study (or Prophecy Teaching) taught by our Pastor. In Summer, Bible Study is not available, but it starts back up in Fall time.

United Worship Nights

We hold a Worship Night once every month! Join us as we unite with other people who long to meet with Jesus! Subscribe to be the first to know the date & time!

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